Cosplay For A Cause


Causeplay (Cosplay For A Cause) is a group I began to help the nerd community reach out to those who need it, through making wishes, awareness drives, fund-raiser events and merchandise, and other charitable community efforts.

Visiting children’s hospitals was the first chapter of my cosplay life, and one I consider extremely important. As a Spoonie I hope to welcome and encourage awareness, understanding, and support for all, and to make this world a better, brighter place in the short time we have to change it together. Today my products and events often go towards causes dear to my heart, and I hope to foster this courage and compassion in others.


What causes do you support?

I’m proud to say that my followers are among the most caring, supportive, and generous people I’ve ever known, and we support a a variety of causes, from social to environmental.

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Let’s make this year even bigger!


How can I get involved?

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, so reach for the sky! Some ideas to help you get started include:

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